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Speech Recognition

Whether it's a recorded or uploaded audio file, this demo, utilizing natural language processing technology, can effectively analyze and respond to questions about MobiDev.


Please record one of the phrases below in order to test our demo:


  • Greetings: "Hello"
  • About MobiDev: "What is MobiDev?", "What are the benefits of cooperating with you?"
  • Contacts: "How can I contact MobiDev?", "Contact", "Email"
  • About technologies: "What technologies do you use?"
  • Our success story: "Can I look at success stories?"
  • About team: "Need dedicated team", "Team"
  • Our experience: "Experience", "Expertise", "What is your experience in software development?"
  • AI: "Artificial intelligence", "Does your team have experience in AI?"


Record through microphone


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Limit 5 MB per file * WAV


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