Chat Bot

This demo gives you the possibility to have a conversation with a chatbot using just your voice. The chatbot uses natural language processing techniques to understand and respond to user input, making communication with the bot feel natural and intuitive.


The demo also includes a speech recognition model for transcribing the user's voice into text. In addition to showcasing the capabilities of chatbot technology and speech recognition, this demo is designed to showcase the wide range of services that MobiDev provides.


Give it a try and ask the chatbot some questions from the list below:


  • Greetings: "Hello"
  • About MobiDev: "What is MobiDev?", "What are the benefits of cooperating with you?"
  • Contacts: "How can I contact MobiDev?", "Contact", "Email"
  • About technologies: "What technologies do you use?"
  • Our success story: "Can I look at success stories?"
  • About team: "Need dedicated team", "Team"
  • Our experience: "Experience", "Expertise", "What is your experience in software development?"
  • AI: "Artificial intelligence", "Does your team have experience in AI?"


Record through microphone

action-gif Running ...
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